The history of Didier natural water dates back to the year 1833, when the army discovered the mineral source in the heart of Martinican rainforest.

Located 200 meters from sea level, in the heights of Fort-de-France, the source is naturally protected by the mountainous relief and 40 hectares of a tropical forest park.

Didier mineral water starts from the South-East slope of Carbet Pitons and naturally flows under the surface soil to constitute groundwater at 4000 – 6000 meters deep.

From 1853 to 1934, Didier natural resources was exploited as a thermal source and curists were travelling from all the Caribbean islands to enjoy the benefits of Didier nartural water.

In 1935, the governor of Martinique granted the exploitation of natural ressources and bottling of water that they named “Fontaine Didier”. The source gains the specification of “Natural Sparkling Mineral Water”.

In 1943, the French National Health Services funded programs for curists from the French Caribbean to travel across the Atlantic (in France) for thermal cures. The local spa activity then started to decrease and that’s when a factory was set up to exploit Didier’s water in 1945.

From this day and until now, Didier water is the only natural sparkling mineral water exploited in the entire Caribbean.

In addition to bottling Didier sparkling mineral water, the company began to manufacture, under license, beverages from international brands like Coca Cola, Vittel Délice and Bel Orange. In 1963, a hurricane destroyed the entire production plant and the beverage licenses could not be renewed.

The company focused exclusively on the production of sparkling natural water but this activity ended up running out of steam.

In 1986, the company acquired a new identity, a change in Direction board and company identity to become a modern company SEEMD (Society of bottling Didier mineral water).

A new investment policy is runned, in line with the exponential development of plastic packaging. In 1992, the company invested in a new bottle blowing machine to increase the bottling capacity.

The company invested more the 2 millions euros to increase the productivity of the machinery and to expand the range of products (flavored water, still water.). But this investment also served to set a new distribution policy and to build the best sales team to structure growth.

In 1997, a regulatory assessment department were created. Their mission is to ensure the quality security of our products, but also customer satisfaction to help conquer new markets.

To keep a competitive advantage and meet market demand, SEEMD starts to search for a new water source that could complement our actual range of Mineral water. Three years after, the 27th of July 2011, SEEMD is authorized by prefectural decree to bottle Mabelo water source. This new water source expands our range with four new product references launched on the market in September 2011.

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