Didier’s flavored sparkling water has been elaborated with natural aromas, calorie free with no conservatives and artificial colorings to cater for all tastes.


• Didier Aros : Naturally sparkling water blended with natural aromas including Lemon, Mentol, Anise, Mandarin-passion fruit flavored.

• Mojit’eau by DIDIER ™ : A refreshing alcohol free water based cocktail range. The range was awarded in 2018 with the Madin’Expo innovation prize.

A new packaging film made of 25% recycled materials

Didier has long been committed to protecting the environment, Didier is drawing and bottling water with the greatest respect for nature and the environment. All Didier’s and Mabelo’s waters packaging are recyclable and after steadily reducing the weight of their bottles, Didier’s innovative environmental commitment resulted into the launch of a new packaging film made of 25% recycled materials.

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