DIDIER’s flavoured sparkling waters cater for all tastes. Made with natural flavourings, zero calories and with no preservatives or colours, they are 100% pure enjoyment.


• DIDIER Aros: DIDIER sparkling natural mineral water with natural Lime, Mint, Anise or Mandarin & Passion Fruit flavourings.

• Mojit’eau by DIDIER™: a refreshing range of non-alcoholic cocktails. In 2018, the Mojit’eau by DIDIER™ range received the Madin’ Expo Innovation Award.

A new packaging film containing 25% recycled material.

Long committed to protecting the environment, Fontaine Didier shows respect for nature when collecting and bottling its water. All the packaging for DIDIER and MABELO waters are 100% RECYCLABLE and, after regularly reducing the weight of its bottles, Fontaine DIDIER’s latest ecological innovation is the launch of a new packaging film containing 25% recycled material.

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